Finance and Insurance Products – tailor made for you!

When you buy a vehicle, planning for the unknown is just as important as planning which vehicle you will be buying. The fact is, life happens when we make other plans. Your new car could be stolen and accidents happen in the blink of an eye.

The following list of products was compiled to offer buyers the best choice in financial and insurance products, for your financial peace of mind. All the listed products can be taken individually or as a combination to suit your own financial and personal situation.

Please consult with our Finance and Insurance Manager for detailed advice on all the available products

1) Service Plan

What is a Service Plan?

A service plan is designed to offer you a convenient way to budget for all your servicing needs. It covers all your servicing costs, including labour and specific parts. This means you’ll spend less time worrying about costs and more time enjoying the open road.

What are the Benefits?

-You don’t feel the pinch of regular servicing costs.
-Your servicing costs are fixed. No matter how high prices rise in the future, you won’t have to worry about inflation, parts or labour cost increases.
-Your vehicle’s warranty will never be in jeopardy if you follow the service schedule.

What are the Benefits of purchasing your Service Plan/Extension with your New Vehicle?

-You’ll be able to work it into your vehicle financing costs.
-Small monthly payments are easier to manage than one unexpected service cost.
-Peace of mind – you’ll never have to worry about paying for any service whilst covered by the service plan/extended plan.

Covered Components:
Air Filter, Cam Belt, Fuel Filter, Oil Filter, Spark Plugs and Lubricant

2) Maintenance Plan

What is a Maintenance Plan?

A Maintenance Plan covers everything that is included in a Service Plan plus other repairs that occur due to normal wear and tear. This means you’ll never have to worry about unexpected parts and labour costs again – such as replacing brake pads or shock absorbers.

What are the benefits?

-You’ll be paying for tomorrow’s motoring costs at today’s prices.
-We’ll keep your full service history, which will assist in maximising the resale value of your Vehicle.
-Any unexpected maintenance your vehicle may need in the future will be taken care of.

What are the benefits of purchasing your Maintenance Plan with your New Vehicle?

-If you buy a maintenance plan now, we’ll be able to work it into your finance agreement.
-Convenient budgeting – monthly payments are easier to digest than a once-off cost that you may not have budgeted for.
-You’ll never have to worry about unexpected motoring costs again.

Covered Components:

Air Filter, Cam Belt, Fuel Filter, Oil Filter, Spark Plugs, Lubricants, Clutch, Exhaust, Globes and Fuses, Brake Pads, Brake Discs, Shock Absorbers, V-Belts and Wiper Blades

3) Warranty

What is a manufacturer’s warranty?

A manufacturer’s warranty guarantees a repair in the event of unexpected mechanical or electrical failure. It is one of the most important aspects in optimising the resale value of a vehicle.

What is an extended warranty?

An extended warranty is an extension to the existing warranty that comes standard with your vehicle. The extended warranty will cover your vehicle for an additional 2 years or up to 250 000km.

What is a Pre-owned warranty?

A Pre-owned warranty is available on Pre-owned Vehicles where the manufacturer’s warranty has already expired. It provides cover for 2 years and various options are available.

What are the benefits of an extended warranty?

-Financial peace of mind: Your vehicle will be protected against major mechanical malfunctions not covered by your service or maintenance plan, such as engine of gearbox failure.
-An extended warranty makes your car more attractive to a prospective buyer.
-It also maximises your resale value, as warranties are transferable to subsequent owners.

What are the benefits of purchasing your Extended Warranty with your New Vehicle?

-You’ll be able to work it into your vehicle financing.
-Small monthly payments are easier to manage than a once-off repair bill.
-Peace of mind: You’ll never have to worry about unexpected costs for the period of the extended warranty.

4) Auto-body (Paint and Body Protection)

Tired of those unsightly dents, scratches and that cracked windscreen on your car? Keeping your vehicle in showroom condition has never been easier or more affordable!

The Auto-body Warranty is an extensive package that protects the exterior of your vehicle. It provides affordable cover for the removal of unnecessary dents, scratches, bumper scuffs, and windscreen chips and cracks.

It’s affordable and you won’t have to pay for every little thing that goes wrong plus your vehicle stays in pristine condition, meaning the resale value will be optimised.

5) Tyre and Rim Warranty

The conditions of our roads are deteriorating and we drive through potholes on a daily basis which can cause serious damage and unexpected expenses.

This warranty offers affordable protection against everyday Accidental Tyre and rim damage, perfect for those individuals that do a lot of traveling on South Africa’s roads. If you find yourself commuting great distances to work traveling on our highways for business or even if you live in a rural area, this cover is a must have! As long as your tire thread is within the required minimum standard and are in a good condition, – it is covered if something happens to your tires while on the road.

With the 2-year Tyre and Rim Warranty, you can ensure that you are protected against the everyday accidental tire and rim damage, covering up to R10 000 to replace or repair a tire and up to R5 000 to repair a rim. Covers you in SA, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Mozambique

6) Tracker – Taking back tomorrow!

The fight against crime is an on-going battle. Join Tracker to unite against crime and help take massive strides in taking back tomorrow.

3 Options to choose from:

1) Tracker Retrieve

An easy to use, cost-effective solution whereby you notify us when your vehicle is stolen or hijacked. Our specialised recovery teams and the SAPS will then track and recover your vehicle. Tracker Retrieve is the world’s most successful vehicle tracking unit.

Why Choose Tracker Retrieve?
-It is the world’s most successful vehicle tracking device
-Operates via an exclusive satellite and radio network
-Cost effective
-24-hour national emergency call centre
-Approved by major insurers and motor manufacturers
-Recovery capabilities in neighbouring countries such as Lesotho, Swaziland, and Mozambique

2) Tracker Alert

Once armed, this enhanced solution will notify our 24hr Call Centre of unauthorised movement of your vehicle. After confirming with you, your Tracker Alert system will be activated and our recovery teams with the SAPS will track and recover your vehicle.

Why Choose Tracker Alert?

-You are notified of any unauthorised movement of your vehicle
-24-hour national emergency call centre
-Approved by major insurers and motor manufacturers

3) Tracker Skytrax

This revolutionary, internet-based vehicle monitoring and tracking solution is designed to protect you and your family and not just your vehicle. SkyTrax also allow you to personally track your vehicle and your loved ones in real-time by simply going online and comes standard with stolen vehicle recovery, access to roadside, emergency and medical assistance for added peace of mind.

Why Choose Tracker SkyTrax?

-You can personally track your vehicle in real-time via an Internet-based monitoring system
-Global positioning satellite technology enables you to locate your vehicle within 5 meters at any time at no cost to you
-Advanced warning notification if the vehicle is moved with the ignition off or the unit’s power supply is interrupted
-An assistance button that immediately activates Tracker’s reaction service in the event of an emergency
-Detailed reports on vehicle movement – useful for business mileage claims and tax returns
-Access to suicide hotline and poison hotline*
-Courtesy transport and free escorted return of minors*
-Specified roadside services including limited tow-in services*
-Hotel accommodation or car rental within specified parameters*
-Legal assistance services*
-Approved by major insurers and motor manufacturers

7) Power-up Warranty

In the event that the payment of repair costs is higher than the underlying mechanical breakdown policy, motor Mend Power-Up Warranty shall cover the difference up to the applicable maximum value listed.

Please note that your vehicle must be aligned to your underlying mechanical breakdown warranty requirements. Vehicles must also be serviced and maintained as per Manufacturer’s specifications along with the underlying policy.

.8) Road Cover

Death or injury as a result of a road accident is not something we like to think about. But facts remain that you are at an increasing risk of being exposed to road related incidents. Statistically, South African drivers are involved in road accidents one and a half times, every ten years. While South African Motorists are privileged to have access to the Road Accident Fund (RAF), recent and proposed amendments have made claiming difficult for individuals.

The road accident fund:

It is a public entity set up by the South African government aimed at making compensation payments to people injured, or dependents killed, in road accidents within South Africa as a result of third party negligence.

The challenges:

-The RAF claims process can be extremely costly, time consuming and complicated
-7 out of 10 RAF claims are fraudulent, resulting in an average claim period of 3648 months
-Most road accident victims are unaware of the RAF and its advantages

Road Cover exists to provide you with a seamless claiming process should you find yourself in a position whereby you need to claim from the RAF.

The benefits of Road Cover:

-Members will have a dedicated Road Cover Legal practitioner to formulate their claim with the RAF
-Road Cover manages the entire claim from start to finish, effectively halving the claim turnaround time
– Members receive 100% of the RAF pay-out: Road Cover charges no additional fees
-For the duration of the claim the individual receives the following:

  • Legal representation
  • Administration and claims management
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Required Medico-legal reports
  • Required actuarial reports
  • Past and future loss of earning reports
  • Past and future loss of support reports

9) Insurance on Financial Transaction

Not only is insurance mandatory before you get behind the wheel, it’s also good to know that you’re covered in the case of an accident. In the event of death or disability or loss of income or the total loss of a vehicle the following products will help you through those difficult times

3 Options to choose from:

1) Top-Up Cover*

Underwritten by Pinn Africa Insurance Underwriting.

When your vehicle is written off or stolen, then maybe a shortfall, between what your insurer pays out and the amount you owe the bank. Top Up cover, cover the above shortfall.

2) Top-Up Cover with Deposit Protector*

Underwritten by Pinn Africa Insurance Underwriting.

Did you pay a deposit on your vehicle? Then this is an important product to consider. Deposit Protector insures that you receive your deposit (or portion thereof) back in the event of total loss of your vehicle. This can then be paid as a deposit on your replacement vehicle.

*Deposit Protector and Top-Up Insurance is a good combination to ensure total cover and benefit.

3) Credit Life Insurance

Underwritten by Pinn Africa Insurance Underwriting.

In the unfortunate event of death, permanent disability or terminal illness, Credit Insurance will settle the outstanding debt on the vehicle, ensuring no additional financial burden during these difficult circumstances.

Benefit include life, critical illness, permanent & total disability, temporary disability & retrenchment.